Friday, January 20, 2012

Cleaning up the cob webs...

Hello..helllooooooooo!!! Anyone still out there?? Yes, it's been awhile...a very long while. Many things have changed since I've last written such as:

1. The boyfriend was ugpraded to the fiance and finally promoted to the HUSBAND! We got married back in September 2011.



(I just learned that fiancé is a man engaged to be married and fiancee is a woman engaged to be married. The whole time I thought they were the same thing and you used the double "e" when you didn't make the acute accent. I just found this out and that the accent mark above fiancé is called acute accent. I google everything)

2. The husband and I have happily expanded our family. Introducing "The Baby". Names may have been changed to protect the identity of those who can't hold their head up or stay awake long enough to protest. I may be biased but, he's pretty intelligent. Just the other day I promise he said my first name. Even some grown people have a hard time pronouncing my first name.

3. Our family did not expand by just plus one. Introducing...Mochi. (She has agreed to use her real name.) I forgot how crazy the puppy stage is. Mochi turned 1 this past Christmas. I'm hoping she'll calm down soon. I don't know how much more Korina, her older sister, can take. Mochi is a full bred maltese. I have the papers to prove it. Korina on the other hand - I'm slowly doubting each day that she's a full bred maltese. I don't think malteses are supposed to get as big as cocker spaniels.

And then there are some things that have not changed such as:

- my makeup obsession and growing collection as a result of this obsession
- quest for long HEALTHY NICE hair (just because it's long doesn't mean it's nice)
- my battle to become fit

I'll have some upcoming posts related to these.

Engagement and wedding images courtesy of Scott Hayne photography.


Sarah Eliza said...

HI! :) I thought you were a goner. Congratz on getting married! Also your dog is sooo cute.

I love the list on your blog of CG products and come here a lot for ideas. I'm excited to see new posts when I stop by too. :)

Celebrity said...

5 Star!!

Susie Q said...

Welcome back and congratulations....your wedding dress was spectacular. Baby is adorable and yes, some maltese can get as large as cockers (I work for a mobile dog groomer and you wouldn't believe some of the dogs that are passed off as purebred....a particular yorkie that I am thinking about...stepdad paid $1200 for that puppy, nearly died twice as it was probably 4-6 weeks old when they shipped it that she is grown...there is chihuahua in there!) Anyway, yes they can be that large....breeding trends for them now are much smaller, so she could be a genetic 'sport' or throwback.

Anonymous said...

Glad your back. recently found you because of the curly girl method. Would love to know your thoughts on it now and what products your loving. Have you found that your hair grows faster?

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