Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I did end up getting my haircut yesterday but, didn't go for the short cut. The picture I showed the hair stylist was a picture of someone with long hair, long layers and shorter layers in the front. I just couldn't part with the hair. On the same page of the haircut I liked was a picture of a really short cut and the stylist thought at first that was the cut that I wanted. She said in her head she was like uh oh she's gonna chop of all that hair.

The stylist did a wet cut as opposed to the dry curly cut. I told her I do style my hair different ways and want that option to switch between curly, wavy and straight styles. It didn't look like she took off that much but, my hair feels different when I run my hands through it. My boyfriend was able to tell a difference.

I'll post up pics of it wavy the next time I fix my hair.

Yes, yes I know the angry face again but, it's the only decent hair shot I could take. I should have taken a picture of the back so you could see more of the layering.


Janelle said...

Pretty! It's ok, I'm too scared to chop off all my hair right now too. Maybe this summer!

A. Rose said...

Looks great! I agree...chopping off a good amount of hair is such a big decision.

Vanessa said...

I love your hair! Looks so healthy! And yes I definitely think Shane is at least 5'2", he is pretty short, LOL!