Friday, April 10, 2009

Now is the time to get Curl Junkie Products and Possible Haircuts

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I may possibly be getting my haircut soon. I probably won't be getting a "curly haircut". This will be a good experiment. I know there have been a couple questions about whether or not a "straight haircut" would look just as good once you styled your hair curly. I'll be finding out the question to this soon. When I go to the hair salon, I'll probably go there with my hair curly, which I don't usually do, and mention that I'm trying to wear my hair curly more often.

I'm really contemplating bangs and a haircut because it's almost my birthday (I usually like to get my haircut near my birthday), it's been a while since I got a cut, and because these two pictures influenced me.

The first picture is a wig sold by a Japanese company called Mod's Hair. You can read more about this on Jillipoo's blog. I don't think I would get my hair cut as short as the wig but, I just thought it was a cute cut and I liked the bangs.

The second picture is of course Rihanna who I love so this may be making me biased towards the haircut. I showed one of my friends though and she liked it a lot too. This cut isn't too too short but, will still be taking a lot of length off my current hair length. And even if I ended up liking the cut a whole lot, I'd probably still regret it. I have a weird attachment to my hair when it comes to change. I always like getting my hair done but, at the same time I usually end up regretting changes other than minor ones.

I'm planning on getting it cut either this weekend or my birthday next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and wonderful Easter!


Janelle said...

Ooh I've been itching to chop off my hair too! I really want that long bob I blogged about last month.

I think you should go for it! Maybe just cut off a little first & see how you like it. If you decide you want it shorter, then you can cut more off.

A. Rose said...

I always regret big changes, too. But after a week or so the regret starts going away and I start getting used to the cut. The good thing about hair is it always grows back so no worries! :)

Jen said...

Aww.. I say GO FOR IT! Like Ailene said, "Hair grows back" anyways..

I chopped off like 9 inches of my hair, but it was for a good cause! I'm really digging the medium length hair, and I can still make it wavy too! Which makes it more manageable for me cause my hair is beastly.

You'll have those times where you'll miss it. I know I do, but it'll grow back and you can find new ways to style it to appreciate the new cut. Plus! The crazy time you'll be saving! I can sleep in an extra 20 min with shorter hair!

Sonya said...

Happy Easter! I say if you want to cut it, go for it...just make sure you think it through though if it's a lot of hair chopping.

I regret my last haircut, but was happy I donated my hair...