Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Not Curl Girl Today

I haven't straightened my hair in about month which is a pretty long time, especially since I always used to straighten my hair. I tried to straighten it silicone free too. I think my hair needs silicones though to look shinier. I straightened it and then used a big curling iron so that it could get straighter but not flat. When I use a flat iron it gets too straight and I don't think I look right with really, really straight hair which is probably why God didn't give me straight hair. I'll have to find a better silicone free heat protectant and try it again.


Anonymous said...

.....very interesting

A. Rose said...

looks good! happy new year! :)

Janelle said...

Your hair looks fab curly & straight!

Shantyana said...

Nice blog and your hair looks wonderful both straight and curly. Mind if I link to you?


Blueberry said...

do u use anything to protect ur hair against the heat?

Girl with Curl said...

Anonymous: My faithful reader is back.

A. Rose: Happy New Year too!

Janelle: Thank you. It's time for a haircut though.

Shantyana: Yes, you can link me. I appreciate it. I've added you as well.

Blueberry: I always use a heat protectant if I'm planning on blowdrying, curling or straightening my hair. In that picture I used Giovanni VitaPro Leave in treatment. I only used it that one time so I'm not sure if it really worked. There's 3 other heat protectants I want to try: Aveda light elements smoothing fluid, Kiehls heat protective silk straightening cream and V05 miracle mist. The other two I'll have to wait to try but, V05 is a little less expensive so I might try that one soon.