Monday, January 19, 2009


This weekend I was able to watch the Biggie movie "Notorious". I thought it was a good movie. It reminded me a lot of Selena which is one of my favorite movies. Of course, you knew the music in the movie was going to be good too.

The casting was done pretty well especially for Puffy and Biggie. Derek Luke aka Antwone Fisher nailed Puffy's dancing perfectly. Jamal Woolard sounded like Biggie and recreated many of Biggie's mannerisms. Angela Bassett was also a good choice for Biggie's mom.

I was surprised to find out that the actress that played Lil Kim was Naturi Naughton of 3LW (pictured on the right). Let's just say you get very well acquainted with her in the movie. I can see why Lil Kim didn't like how she was portrayed in the movie. If the movie is accurate, I really think that Lil Kim and Biggie were each other's true love. I think Biggie was infatuated with Faith Evans and did love her but, I think Lil Kim was the one he'd always go back to and never stop loving.

One thing that was sad was the breakdown of Biggie and Tupac's friendship and how the unnecessary rivalry ended. You could see how close Biggie and Tupac were. They seemed to genuinely care and respect each other as friends and artists.

When Biggie and Tupac passed away I was 16 years old. I didn't realize until I saw the movie the other night, how young Biggie and Tupac really were when they were murdered. Biggie was 24 and Tupac was 25 when they died - two tragic, senseless deaths.

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Janelle said...

Oh I want to watch that.. but I was gonna wait til after opening weekend. I don't want to deal with the big crowds!

Which is funny because I dealt with the Twilight fans when that movie opened. Haha.

A. Rose said...

Sounds like an interesting movie...I wasn't even aware of them until after they passed away. Yeah, I was living in a cocoon at the time I think.

PS. I love Selena too! One of my faves! :)