Thursday, December 11, 2008

Curly Girl Method tutorial

I never knew video tutorials were so hard. (I'm actually waiting for the video to upload on youtube right now and that's taking forever. I'm definitely doing pictures from now on. It is taking soooo long. And I didn't even do any kind of editing or adding music.) I have new respect for the bloggers out there who do video tutorials. I was about to give up and just do pictures. My boyfriend was the one taking the video so of course he made me laugh a couple times.

Remember this video is not professional i.e., it's shot in my bathroom and it got accidentally cut off at the end when my boyfriend pressed the stop button. I made the video because the written instructions just seem a lot more complicated. I wanted to show people how easy it was so they wouldn't be discouraged about trying the curly girl method.

Video 1 - Applying products and plopping

Video 2 - Diffusing my hair

I didn't diffuse my hair all the way. I got lazy. That's the beauty of curly hair though. Air drying is just as good. Even if you think your hair is straight, try it. You might be pleasantly surprised. Keep in mind two important things: use a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of buildup and apply the leave-in conditioner and gel when your hair is soaking wet. Don't even towel dry a little bit after you wash your hair.


Janelle said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, Marjorie! I understand the CG method a lot better now because this was really informative. If I get the right products, I'll be trying it this weekend!

Btw, I love those Turbie-twists! LOL. I have 2 already but I might buy another one just for this.

Girl with Curl said...

Janelle: No problemo. If you don't think you'll stick with the CG method just buy the cheap products like Suave and V05. They work just as well. If you're going to get more Turbie-twists, get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. They have a ton of them on there for sale plus the 20% off coupon they're always mailing.

Jumilyn said...

This was really cool. The Curly Girl Method was pretty easy to follow.

I wish you had straight hair so you could show me how to curl it. =]

Still, making your hair look good takes a lot of work.. That's why I just brush my hair and leave. But I'll try this one day.

Girl with Curl said...

Jumilyn: I can do a tutorial showing how to do your hair wavy/curly with a flat iron. I actually like using a flat iron instead of a curling iron because it looks more natural.

A. Rose said...

you've been tagged, sorry. :P

darn, gotta wait til i get home from work until i can watch your tutorial. boo!

Christle said...

this is totally off subject, but i finally went to broken egg today :)

chelle said...

love the tutorial. thanks. I use to do that scrunch method before. but it was nowhere near as good as yours. then i just got lazy and bought a crimper. lol. I am excited to try those products. esp the suave. thats definately in my cheapass budget. ps. i love your shower curtain. :)

Girl with Curl said...

Christle: Yup, you know I love Broken Egg. I don't want anywhere else for breakfast anymore.

Chelle: Definitely post pictures if you do it. Thanks, I got that shower curtain a long time ago at Kohls. I think it's time for a new one but I still like that one.