Sunday, December 7, 2008

Welcome to my Curly Girl Journey !

Hi everyone! I decided to create a blog to track my chronicles of becoming a straight-haired to a curly-haired girl plus anything that pops into my head. I got inspired by the blogs, usually makeup, that are already out there including Nessassary makeup, Makeup by Ren Ren, and Ailene's. When I was trying to figure out which products to use I had a hard time finding blogs dedicated to mostly hair but found a ton dealing with makeup.

Sooo, without further ado, here is my first entry.

I've always had kind of wavy hair but always wanted straight hair. I have tried a million different things when it comes to my hair - permed, straightened, colored, highlighted along with so many hairstyling tools.

Introducing my hair.....

My new untouched hair. I think my parents were just happy I had hair at all since everyone kept on mistaking me for a boy.

Me a little bit older with short, blonde hair. This was after the Robin Thicke/John Legend concert with the Z morning zoo.

This is with my hair highlighted only on top and straightened. This is when my hair started breaking off too because my hair was relaxed and I kept on highlighting it.

This is with my wavy, dark brown hair.

This is me going back to my roots..sort of. Really going back to my roots would be black hair and curly. But the black hair was a start. I'm eating crabs by the way and yes, they were very good.

Getting my Cha-cha on. This is where I'm currently at with my hair. I had dyed it dark brown but it started fading so the highlights are coming through. I like the way the back is but, I'm struggling with the front. The front wants to do all this crazy stuff. I think it's just too short right now. I can't wait until it's a big longer.

I'm currently obsessed with the "Curly Girl method." You can find details of it here:

I actually do a modified version of the curly girl method. When I get obsessed with something - I get OBSESSED with it. I went to 4 different stores and spent 2 hours (1.5 hours of it with my very happy boyfriend) searching for Giovanni direct leave-in which a lot of people on liked. I ended up finding it at Farm Fresh when I remembered that they had an organic section. I saw it in Ulta this past weekend too.

Am I worth multiple trips to 4 different stores and 2 hours??

Until later...


jjavier said...

Wow, can i guy be acurly girl tewe?

A. Rose said...

you're right, there aren't a lot of blogs about hair. good idea! now i want curly hair! maybe i'll send ruben to find that product at farm fresh since he goes there so much. :P

Christle Ann said...

i'll try this when i get back :) thanks for posting.

jjavier said...

wow, your so brave. Mouses are scary

chelle said...

i'm jealous. i want curly hair :( im gonna try your suggestions on products for my bruha hair...thanks girl.