Monday, December 8, 2008

Sort of like an online diary

I used to have a Xanga blog too. I stopped posting on it but, two months ago I reread it and kind of missed being able to go back and read about what was going on with my life then.

So I think I'll make this my online - not too public - diary. I grew up writing in diaries until I got paranoid about someone finding it and exposing all my teenage secrets. That's when I used to write everything.

Gotta to the gym..or maybe 3 Amigos Mexican Restaurant.

ETA: I ended up not going to the gym. I just went home and ate a cheeseburger and some cheetos. To make it worse, I finished it off with a drumstick - not the chicken kind but the ice cream. I'm majorly slacking off since my work Christmas party since I don't have to worry about fitting into a dress. I probably won't work out tomorrow either because of my boyfriend's work Christmas party. I won't have enough time to work out and get ready.

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