Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend of Love

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was pretty eventful.

It started with me waking up at 545AM for the Virginia is for Lover's 14K that I was running with my coworker. I think that might be the coldest weather I've ever run through - low 40s. Good thing I had my Under Armour cold gear on. There was a point, though, where I was like, I might just pass out because it's getting a little too hot. I tried to push my sleeves up but, like I said before that running stuff is tight so I felt like it was constricting the blood in my arms with the sleeves pushed up. Since it was a relay, the 14K was split. I ran 4.5 miles and my coworker ran 4.1 miles. When I get home, I ended up sleeping for a couple hours until it was time for dinner.

Me and the boyfriend had late dinner reservations at 9PM at Alexander by the Bay. We had been there once last year and loved it. This year the food didn't seem as good. Maybe we hyped it up too much. I had a Snickers Bar martini. It took its effect after two sips. Very strong but delicious. Then we met up with some friends and family at a club called Guadalajaras. One thing I really like about Guadalajaras is it's big and spacious so everyone isn't all up on each other. Plus it's a non-smoking club so I don't have to smell like smoke when I go home.

For Valentine's Day, I had made a picture book for my boyfriend. It had pictures from various stages of our relationship. In between pictures I wrote reasons why I love him. This picture was the front picture. He was watching TV in this weird position when this picture was taken.

Belated Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


A. Rose said...

I was making a book for the bf too! It's still unfinished and I started it months ago. Haha.

I'm itching to run another race!! I'm so jealous!

I have yet to Guads. Maybe next time...

Janelle said...

Glad you had a lovely Valentine's day, Marjorie!

MakeupByRenRen said...

wow girl, 4 miles, get it! happy belated vday :)love the lil card at the end :)

Girl with Curl said...

A.Rose: I did my book through the Walgreens website. It was easy and fun to do.

You can run the Dismal Swamp Stomp to ease that itch.

You'll like Guads especially since it's smoke free.

Janelle: Thanks!

MakeupbyRenRen: The race was a lot of fun. Races usually are. There's always a little semi after party which I always look forward to.

Thanks, I liked being able to make the book and give my boyfriend a personal gift.