Friday, February 13, 2009

What Would have been my MAC Hello Kitty and Creme Team haul

I've been avoiding the MAC counters on purpose. I know whenever I go to a MAC counter I usually end up getting at least one item. Sooo, I've just been appreciating the MAC Hello Kitty and Creme Team collections from afar, mostly through everyone else's blogs and hauls.

Another reason I haven't bought any MAC items is because I'm on this workout gear kick. Whenever I get into a new hobby, I tend to go all out, wanting to buy everything related to my new hobby. For example, when I started getting into MAC again, I would buy something from MAC almost everyday to build up my collection as fast as I could.

Without further ado..drum roll please..the following is why I cannot go to the MAC counter:
I ordered the Garmin Forerunner 50 bundle (pictured on the right) from Costco because it was being offered at a very good price. However, I was disappointed to find out that the calories you burn were calculated through your footpod, which attaches to your shoe, that measured your distance not by the heart rate monitor. Basically the heart rate monitor on the Garmin was useless to me. Yeah, great, I know my heart rate while I'm exercising but, I would have rather known what were my calories burned at different heart rates instead.

And that is why I also have the Polar F6 watch pictured on the left. That's actually a heart rate monitor that calculates your calories burned by weight, height, gender, and heart rate. Both the Garmin and Polar heart rate monitors use a strap that goes around your chest while you workout. Not too inconvenient but does take some getting used to. In the beginning, I kept on adjusting the tightness of the strap to a point where the strap isn't falling while I'm working out or leaving indentations on my body because it's so tight.

So, there was my dilemma. Which one do I keep? You want to guess which one I picked...BOTH! I'm so bad. I told myself I NEEEEDED both. I need the Garmin to measure my running distances outside and help me improve my running time, especially since I'm trying to run longer distances. I need the Polar for when I do the classes at Gold's. I'm so envious after class when everyone's doing a roll call of all their calories they just burnt during class. I tried to wear my Garmin to Turbo Kick class and was freaking out because the heart rate monitor wasn't working. Come to find out, it didn't matter if it was working or not because calories weren't being calculated by the heart rate monitor like I said above.

This also brings me to my next argument for my workout gear haul. I NEEEEED two different types of shoes - one for running and one for the classes at the gym, usually Step class, Body Attack, Turbo Kick, etc. Basically classes that cause a lot of impact and shock on your body that running shoes aren't really good for. So, my generous boyfriend, bought me Under Armour Proto Speed II Trainer shoes. Under Armour just recently released their line of running/training shoes this past January. In the picture, you'll also see my gloves and headband for running in the cold. I'm hoping to get new running shoes next weekend.

To complete by cold weather running gear ensemble, I bought the tightest outfit ever. And by tight I don't mean "cool", I mean actually physically tight. I've never tried on cold weather running gear before. My, is it snug. I ended up getting black Under Armour tights, long sleeved blue Under Armour shirt, and a lightweight grey Under Armour jacket. Under Armour is quickly becoming my favorite brand.
And that folks is why you aren't seeing my MAC haul and my reasons why I NEEEED all that workout stuff. I feel a little bit less guilty about buying workout gear. It's for my health right? Even if if I don't do well in my upcoming races, at least I'll be a well dressed runner with some high tech running gadgets crossing the finish line last.

P.S. Next on my wishlist are running shoes, insoles that the manager at Dick's Sporting Goods was showing me, and Oakley sunglasses.


Janelle said...

Yay for your new workout stuff! This will be more motivation for you, not that you need it since you've been doing so well. I slacked a lot this week. =X

I need new workout gear. This has inspired me to stop buying beauty products I don't need! Haha.

Oh, and the bf & I are planning to run a 5k this summer. I'm nervous!

jjavier said...

Wow, been to Dicks lately?

A. Rose said...

The "tight" stuff really motivates you to get rid of any lumps and bumps. I feel so self-conscious wearing them but at the same time it keeps me focused.

I admire your willpower in staying away from MAC. Mine is definitely non-existent.

MakeupByRenRen said...

you go mama! i've been slowing down on my makeup purchases too (at least it seems like it for now) i kinda justify it because im a makeup artist but i really need to get some more workout clothes and a new sportsbra!

Girl with Curl said...

Janelle: Having new workout gear makes me excited to work out. The cold weather gear definitely came in handy this past Valentine's Day weekend for my race.

I'm excited for you and your bf's 5K. Do you already know which one you want to do?

Jjavier: Funny you should ask since you were with me on the 4 trips.

A.Rose: Yup, that is true which is why you only see a picture of me with my jacket on haha.

I'm very surprised about how I've been able to stay away from the MAC counter. I even passed by one this past weekend and didn't really look.

MakeupbyRenRen: You're making money off your makeup hauls. It's kind of like the tools you need for your part time job.

You'll love workout clothes shopping. There's a lot of cute outfits.