Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I want to be in the doghouse if ...

I've been looking for a new type of towel. The microfiber towel I currently have does dry my hair quickly but, tends to make my hair frizzy. I had to of course check my favorite store Bed, Bath and Beyond. I found that they do carry the Curlease towel (pictured above). The other brand I'm looking for is Curls Like Us cloths but, I'm still searching for a store that carries it. (Remember I hate shipping costs.) From the feedback I've researched, both brands are gentler on wavy/curly hair which reduces frizz.

On the Bed, Bath and Beyond website, I came across some interesting furniture and such. I want to be in the dog house if it looks like this.
According to the website, your dog will love this "adorable dog house ... constructed by aligning half logs together giving it that great, rustic look. When you add the porch, your pet will not only have a place to seek shelter, but also a spot to relax in the sun." I wouldn't be surprised if the house had hard wood floors too.

The extra storage underneath the dog bed will come in handy when Korina's dresser becomes too stuffed with her current wardrobe, toiletries, MAC makeup, curly girl method products, etc.

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Special thanks to Korina for modeling, at location, in the dog house with porch and dog bed.


A. Rose said...

Hahaha. Ruben was just looking at that same doghouse the other day!

Girl with Curl said...

Oooh is Jo getting a dog?

Hairs to Beauty said...

yes girl, I tweeze them and wax them. I fill them in with brow pencil mostly or brow powder, i also use the mac brow mascara to help keep them in place. i kinda overplucked them back in high school, so it sucks that i need to fill them in all the time

Anonymous said...

Can I ask what microfiber you currently use? I use one too that sometimes causes frizz.

Girl with Curl said...

Anonymous: The microfiber towel I use is called Spa:Accessories, Microfiber hair and body towel by Ulta. I wouldn't recommend it because it still leaves my hair a bit frizzy.

Have you looked into Curls Like Us curl cloths? I'm actually doing a give away right now. To enter the contest, all you have to do is leave a comment on this following post


Make sure you leave your name on the comment so I would know how to contact you if you are picked as the winner.

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