Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Totally Random Question of the Day

Usually questions come to my mind and first thing I do is Google an answer no matter how ridiculous the question is.

I had to go to the ATM today to withdraw some money and wondered how come the bills you get from the ATM are always fresh and new.

Do they get the bills straight from the US Treasury/Mint? I know you can't just just make bills without monetary backing (don't know if that's the right word) because it would be as worthless as a regular piece of notebook paper. So are bills destroyed before they are manufactured? Are new bills made just for ATM/bank use?

I tried to google this topic and could only find the history of the dollar bill.

Image courtesy of:,_obverse.jpg/800px-United_States_one_dollar_bill,_obverse.jpg

And here is your random picture of the day. My boyfriend and I tried this restaurant Finn McCool's in a relatively new shopping center. It's an Irish themed restaurant. I bet it'll be crazy up in there on St. Patrick's Day. After we had dinner we went into this store next door that sold mainly spices but, also had some out of the ordinary stuff too. It's a neat, quirky store. One of things that caught my eye was this coffee. For those who aren't morning people, this might help you out. (I censored the picture but, the actual bag is not in case you were wondering.)


Janelle said...

Haha interesting question! I can't help you though. I have no idea either.

The coffee is hilarious. I could really use some of that in the morning!

SunshineGrrl said...

Money is always under circulation. Old bills are being destroyed and new bills are being printed. From what I understand (used to work in a cash cage), there is a machine that sorts ATM fit bills from non-fit bills. If all else fails, there is actually a machine that presses the bills to make them ATM fit.

A. Rose said...

Man, I could've used some of that this morning...hahaha.

ko0ty said...

Omg I Google everything too! Once Google was down and I needed to Google something and I didn't know what to do because I forgot what other search engines are out there because I was panicking. LOL.

Suburbanbushbabe said...

That's a good question about the bills. I think there's a little wash/dry/iron service back there. Great gimmick on the coffee label.