Friday, March 6, 2009

Upside Down Rinse Take Two

A couple of posts ago, I talked about this new technique I learned - rinsing your hair upside down. I had the opportunity to try it again tonight and this time I let my hair completely air dry. I didn't even have to scrunch out the crunch. There was no crunch at all, just soft waves. I usually like my hair better when I diffuse it but, I actually like the definition I got tonight without diffusing my hair.

I'm still not satisfied with the front of my hair. I don't know what I want - maybe bangs or more layers. I feel like the front of my hair doesn't suit my face. I always like the back of my hair better than the front. The picture below on the right is the same as the left but a close-up. I dyed my hair dark brown with one of those dyes than rinse out in 28 washes. My highlights that I was trying to cover up were coming back and about every 6 months I have to dye it until I grow out my old color. The color lasts way past the 28 days it says on the box.

I feel like my hair looks different in pictures than what I see in the mirror. Probably the same issue as makeup bloggers that feel their makeup looks washed out when they take a picture of their FOTD (face of the day).

Products I used were Suave Naturals (cowash), Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner and L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss conditioner (mixed together for my conditioner), Kinky Curly Knot Today (leave-in conditioner), Kinky Curly Curling Custard and Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel (gel for hold).

I wish everyone a great weekend. I'm so excited because we're supposed to be having weather close to 70 degrees.

My plans for the weekend include:
1. Get my eyebrows threaded
2. Hike and enjoy the beautiful weather
3. See the movie Watchmen


Janelle said...

I think the front of your hair looks fine. Have a good weekend, Marjorie! Can't wait for the 80 degree weather.

A. Rose said...

There's nothing wrong with the front...? I've never dyed my hair before...but maybe I'll try a semi-permanent dye one day.

Girl with Curl said...

Janelle: I loved the weather over the weekend too.

A.Rose: I don't know if it will permanently change your hair. Even though it says semi-permanent, sometimes it doesn't seem like your hair goes back exactly to the way it was. I'm just mentioning this because I know you were wary of more permanent hair changes like highlights.

MakeupBliss said...

Your is very pretty!