Friday, March 20, 2009

Knock, Knock

Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Irish you a Happy Birthday!

This was on one of the cards for Christle's gift. I thought it was the perfect card for her since her birthday falls on St. Patrick's Day.

We celebrated her birthday at this seafood restaurant Rockafellers. I liked the location where it was. It wasn't off the strip but, it was near the water. It's probably nicer during the summertime when you can actually eat outside.
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My boyfriend and I split everything so we wouldn't overeat but, then we ended up hungry by the time we left. We had split some calamari and a steamed bucket. We got some McD's fries and a vanilla cone after we left haha. Anytime we go to a restaurant we've never been to before we always try the calamari if it's on the menu. So far my favorite calamari has been Shucks in Norfolk and Red Star Tavern.

The product experimenting carried on. I used Giovanni Invigorating Tea Tree Shampoo, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner mixed with L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri-gloss for medium to long hair curly/wavy hair, and a little bit of Generic Value Product Matrix Bioloage Conditioning Balm. I didn't do the upside down rinse.

I scrunched in Goldwell Curl Definition Revive Cream - Intense and Giovanni L.A. Natural Styling gel upside down. The Goldwell Curl Cream doesn't really give me any definition just softness. It's one of my products that I use when I know I'll just be staying at home but, don't want to leave my hair product-free. The first time I tried Giovanni gel I thought it didn't have enough hold. I thought the same thing again today. When I got home, it didn't look like I lost some wave. If you already have this product, I think mixing it with something that has a bit more hold like Biosilk Rock Hard gelee or Herbal Essences Set Me Up gel would work better.

I think the Biosilk gelee would actually be perfect to mix with the Giovanni gel because Biosilk gelee has too much hold for me. The first time I used it I used to much and I felt like my hair turned to glass.

After I applied all the products, I plopped to get my hair off my back, and diffused my hair until it was completely dry. While I was diffusing I could tell the Giovanni gel didn't really have much hold and felt like the back was getting a bit frizzy.
You can kind of see parts of my hair where it's frizzy or where the wave is falling. You know I had to bust out the green dress for St. Patrick's Day.

I'm hoping to go for some longer runs outside since the half-marathon I'm running is less than a month away now. I'm nowhere near where my training schedule says I should be. My shin splints were really bothering me and now they're manageable so I don't want to overdo it and be even more hurt closer to the race. I find that my shins hurt me when I run on the treadmill or pavement so I've been trying to run only outside but, we've been having some rainy weather lately.

Ice works miracles too. If I feel like my shins are hurting, I ice them when I get home while I'm watching The Wire (which I'm currently addicted to but, that's another post) and the pain really goes away.

I ordered some Kinesio tape two weeks ago and still haven't received it. I finally emailed the company and they said they were back ordered and expected date of shipment is April 1. I'd be more annoyed if my shins were hurting me more but, since I'm managing now I can deal with that shipment date.


Janelle said...

I love reading about your product experiments! You hair turned out nicely again. I don't really notice any frizz.

Glad your running is getting better. I'm running a 5k in June (Race for a Cure). Any tips on how to start training? Mind you, I'm not a very good runner! But I want to start.

Jen said...

Ouch! Shin splints! My sis-in-law's friend used to run track, and she recommended that you mix icy-hot and water, then place it in a bag and freeze it!

Haha, she told me that tip when I injured myself from snowboarding. I never tried it, but I should have! If you do, let me know how it works.

Girl with Curl said...

Janelle: Here's a couple of good links

And remember running should be hard but not too painful. Don't try running through injuries because you'll never heal if you do. I'm learning that the hard way right now.

Jen: I'll have to try that icy hot mix because it really does help my shins when I ice them.

Maricel said...

Have you tried the calamari at the marina off shore drive? They're huge and they give you a lot!

A. Rose said...

Hmm...have you given shock absorbing insoles a try? They'll lessen the impact and may even help with overpronation, which causes shin splints.

Oye. Now you've got me craving calamari...

Girl with Curl said...

Che (Maricel): Are you taking about Dockside? If you are, I tried the calamari there.

A.Rose: I just got some of those insoles today. I'm excited to try them out this week.

jjavier said...

Im glad you shouted out shucks